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Yves from Holland

you're as despicable as the people who are cruel to animals.. I doubt those people are cruel, they just don't know their behaviour is cruelty for lack of education and government control policies

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The chicks looks very cute in different colors,but i don't agree to sell them at their young age..poor chicks.


unfortunate is the correct word ... really hard to understand this from a North American perspective ... although i suppose buying children here pet rabbits and puppies is not all that different.


Very interesting topic! A lot of animals are suffering all over the world because of the unscrupulous behavior of some people. It's a good thing that selling animals on the street or in shops is forbidden in Europe.


.. they usually live for a few days then die.


Sidney, you're amazing. Amazing.


A sad group of fine close ups to document the subject. I wonder if uncolored chicks sell or do they just stay with the vendors.

yiannis krikis

great reportage my friend - perfect images


Dure, dure la cohabitation avec la bête humaine ...


Strong pictures, but not sure I can take much more of this subject :-)


superbes et terribles images !!!!


Poor ones !


that's nice: a hand holding them


awww...kawawa naman. eto ba yung mga makulay na chicks na binibenta sa mga bata? minsan nga yung mga ibon at maya pa kinukulayan nila para maibenta sa mga kiddos! tsk tsk


those poor little babies, i hope you know you are breaking my heart!!!


great details for this original set, compliments

evelyne dubos

Oh les pauvres... comme ça ils font peine à voir...


very nice quality on these photos. love how they painted them.

joshi daniel

really sad at what they are doing!


i am against this form of cruelty to animals.
poor chicks! :(

Photo Cache

doesn't this pass for animal cruelty? cute as they may be colored and all that is still cruelty to me.

Otto K.

this series while colorful is rather sad. poor chicks.


I really feel sorry for these animals. They ought to lock those guys up.


Oh comme c'est étrange ! mais je crois que notre ami Gérard a su trouver le fin mot de l'histoire :-)))


Very unfortunate indeed. Really heartbreaking.

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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